Ein Obelisk für Chicago
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Obelisk für Chicago
If you take the colours of the US flag,
Leave them in their original quantities,
Mix them according to the spirit of Chicago,
You will get the basic colour of a lot of pink,
with a touch of emotional blue.

Obelisk für Chicago
Ein Obelisk für Chicago - an Obelisk for Liberty

Hella De Santarossa envisions an 11 feet-high Glass Obelisk for a Museum in Chicogo. This sculpture will be illuminated. It will be a symbol of our time for global understanding and for freedom, with the U.S.A. in mind. Containing the insignia of the U.S. flag, it will in one respect remind us of material transience, but the sculpture will also conserve what is apparently temporary for posterity.

Hella Sanatrossa developed the aesthetic feeling for obelisks consciously through understanding of glass as an artistic medium. Glass may not seem to be the material suitable for a project of such dimensions. However, the technical know-how when working with this fragile medium, together with the knowledge of the static requirements, always fascinate not only art connoisseurs and art lovers, but also engineers and architects.

In this way transparent sculptures are formed through the medium of glass which are not only timeless, but also tied to current events. Such duality can hardly be achieved through any other medium , but it is evident in the works of artist in various cities. The glass sculptures do not call on you to destroy, but to take your time and think about such important issues as peace and international understanding. This was the call of the people of the States "Our goal is to make a contribution towards creating a spirit of peace in the world". An essential precondition for this is transparency - and nothing is more transparent than glass in the way the artist artistically works and applies it.